Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back to Work Randoms

More about Bruce Lee
I didn't know that Steve McQueen was a pallbearer at Bruce Lee's American funeral.  It would be so cool to have had Steve McQueen at your funeral.  

I guess dying young can be a great career move.  Unfortunately for me, I am too old to die young.

I was also surprised to learn that Bruce Lee went to the University of Washington in Seattle.  It was on the grounds of the campus that he meet his wife.  I wandered those grounds a few times as I attended Football games at Husky stadium.  To think I walked on hallowed ground.

Nanchang Market Makeover
I should have bought a camera today.  Nanchang Market is getting a complete makeover.  I could have taken some photos of the Nanchang pagoda next to a big construction pit.

The Market's older looking structures are currently having scaffolding erected all around them.

But I can say that at my favorite spot to buy old movies, DVDs have been reduced to two rmb each.

Subway Construction bad for Changan Market business
Thursday morning, I had a class with a business person who owns a shop at Wuxi's downtown Changan Temple Market.  She tells me that since the downtown subway construction started, her business has gone down drastically.  However, she is confident that when the construction is completed in a year's time (she doesn't believe the ten month estimate), that her business will be better than ever.

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