Tuesday, March 16, 2010


AKIC makes rare trip to the New District
Tuesday night, I had a company class in teach in the New District.  I can't remember the last time  I have gone to the WND.  To get there from Hui Shan takes over an hour by bus.
The company I am teaching for two classes, is in the area of the Baseball Stadium and the Blue Marlin Restaurant (which is now closed).  There is also this International Gourmet Supermarket building nearby but I don't know what that is about.
Compared to Hui Shan, the WND does seem to have more happening.  You can see a Panasonic and Sony plant there -- in Hui Shan, vacancy.
Currently, There is also a great deal of roadwork going on in the WND but I have been told that it is not for a subway.
Now, he likes the Preschool
What difference a couple of weeks makes.  Tony first didn't want to be left at the preschool, and was bawling his head off.  Now, Jenny informs me,  he is impatient to get to school so he can play.

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