Friday, March 26, 2010

Saturday Random Randoms

The woman says she has never seen an accident
I had a class with this female student, probably in her thirties, and we got on the topic of accidents, traffic accidents to be precise.  I asked her if she had ever seen an accident and she responded that she hadn't which seem plausible enough.  But after asking her if she had passed the aftermath of an accident and then confirming that she understood my meaning, she insisted that she had never passed an accident scene ever -- this didn't seem plausible.  In my time in Wuxi, I have seen taxis collide, I have seen two cars hit cyclists, I have seen a bus hit a man, I have seen three or four bicycle collisions, I saw a hit-and-run, I was in a vehicle where the driver hit a cyclist, I have seen two dead bodies, and I figure I go past at least ten accident scenes a month.  How this woman cannot seen any of these things is a mystery.  Perhaps, she is short-sighted.
Tony gives his father a big hug
Sometimes, I do something for Tony that prompts him to give me a big hug.  Friday night, I put on the Kneebouncers site for him.
Playing Hide and Seek
The Kneebouncers site has twenty games that Tony can play.  Only problem is Tony has to change the game every three minutes, and so he comes looking for me.  Last night, I decided to play hide and seek with him.  He would cry "Daddy!" and run after me -- I would make it a challenge for him.
Long Wait
The author of the Black Swan says that one should never run for a train -- the idea is that going at one's own pace is how you should live your life and increase your chances of experiencing positive Black Swans.  This practice is all well and good, but last night, a bus left thirty seconds before I got to the stop.  I suppose I could have caught it if I had chosen to make a mad dash for it.  But, I didn't and had to wait twenty minutes for the next one -- no positive Black Swans and Jenny asked me why I was late coming home.

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