Monday, March 15, 2010

Links and Quotes

With this site, you don't need flashcards to help you try to learn Chinese Script.

I didn't do anything wrong.  Or rather, I should say I didn't do that sort of wrong.  I ave erred out of selfish pride -- a common human frailty.

And it is easy to make me feel guilty.

Atheism, not God, is odd.

arithmetic = numbers
geometry = numbers in space
music = numbers in time
astronomy = numbers in space and time

David Warren tells us a way to deal with ad homminem argument:  things that people of our conservative political persuasion always have to deal with.

I noticed ... I'd been named in a column, along with Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan, Glenn Beck -- and St. Paul, flatteringly enough -- as exemplars of a "rabid misogyny" and "extremist thinking." Or perhaps I rated only with Scott Brown, the new U.S. senator from Massachusetts, as a "pale, albeit appallingly classless, echo of it."

The column, by Janice Kennedy, was on this page last Sunday. It began by offering a game of "Spot the Jerk" -- in which all win, and all must have prizes. And rather than try to refute it, I would invite gentle reader to read or reread it, playing the alternative game of "Spot the Argument." For beyond the ad hominems, I couldn't find one.

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