Monday, April 13, 2009

Tuesday Attack in AKICistan.

"Welcome to the world of stan blogging."

If it is Tuesday, then you are in the Kingdom of AKICistan, population of three: A Monarch, a Prince, and and a blogger. Henceforth, Tuesday with be my day to do AKICistan blogging. On other days, I will do K-musings, blah-blah-blah blogging, and snarky-ranting-psychotic-maniac blogging with a can of pineapple beer served with whipped cream on top.

What is this about an attack in AKICistan? you ask. Tony and I have this little game. I, with my arms wide open ready to embrace, entreat Tony to come to me. Tony does so, charging at me full bore like a bull going after the red cape. Hence, the attack in AKICistan that I mention in this title.

I love stan blogging. I have entered a world of untold delights.

I will tell you later about what I did on this semi-day-off.....

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