Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AKICistan goes to the park. Tony and Jenny's iminent return.

I am counting down the hours till Tony and Jenny return. Jenny tells me the bus leaves Beixing at 1200 noon and should arrive in Wuxi about 1500. This gives me the morning to clean the apartment and remove evidence of any maleficence.

My last full day of so-called freedom saw me wander the area around Xihui Park to take photos.

This is a tree-lined street that looks better in the photo than in person.

In this photo, construction workers watch a girl posing for a photo shot. I couldn't tell if she was modelling or posing for wedding portraits.

This old men were playing chess in the shade of an overpass near the park.

Here is the entrance to Xihui. I didn't go in.

I shall upload some more photos from my wander later tonight or tomorrow.
I learned from some students that this 325,000 square meter Sunning Plaza is being built on the grounds of the old People's Number One Hospital.

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