Thursday, April 23, 2009

Annoying Day

Thank God, I have Tony. Our pillow fight tonight made my day. The child's laughter is genuine and infectious.

Otherwise, it was an annoying day because of:

  • Paperwork
  • Lazy students. How could this one Intermediate student not know how to make sentences using the present perfect when she is already half-way through the course?
  • Conniving students. I can't really explain that. But I will get them.
  • The closure of the third floor of the Nanchang Book Market where I like to buy the bargain old movie DVDs. I don't know if the floor is being closed for renovation or because of the Chinese habit of destroying a good old thing to replace with something soullessly modern. I suppose that will make my wife happy. Why pay 6 to 10 rmb for movies that are awful? Now I can't use the twice the quality for half the price to justify my purchases. I have felt so disappointed since the Sichuan Girls Restaurant was rennovated and went to shit.
  • Stupid bus station employees. That was actually yesterday that this complaint originates but thinking about I am frothing. This certain bus station I go to I have always found myself wanting to slug one of the employees. They seem to get a kick out of seeing a Foreigner carrying luggage for one thing. Yesterday, I had one of the wing nuts who work there (must be a government job) stop me from going to help my wife take the luggage off the bus.
  • Staring locals. A good way to stop the locals from starring at you is to stare back. I am also thinking of shocking them by pulling out a camera and taking a photo. As was said in Pee Wee's Big adventure: "Why don't you take a picture, it will last longer?"

But other than that (and some other things), I love China...

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