Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Night at Casa K

  • Congratulations to Cecilia (that is her English name) and her husband on the birth of their son yesterday. Cecilia lives in an apartment down the lane from Casa K.
  • Tony achieved another historical first this evening. He ate a meal by himself. That is, he ate a bowl of corkscrew noodles with a fork, with little assistance from his mother or me.
  • I took Tony to the nearby square (of which you can see photos if you look in this blog archives) with a scooter that I hoped he was going to ride. He didn't and he also didn't want to walk so I carried two burdens in my arms for no particular reason. This scooter is one that Tony can sit on, that Tony can steer, and that Tony can move using his feet.
  • If Tony goes to sleep early tonight, I will have an evening of Shakespeare (King Lear) and Davies (What's Bred in the Bone).

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