Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tony at pre-school.

Wednesday, we left Tony at a pre-school for the afternoon. It was the first time we let strangers look after him. Tony apparently survived the ordeal. He cried for a while because he missed his parents. But then, he was able to have a one-hour nap. He got along fine with the other children.

His parents were able to have lunch together without Tony running away. His parents were even able to walk downtown holding hands.

Tony's father felt compelled to take some photos as well.

The first photo shows a bunch of bikes parked in front of some shops. It is what Mr. K saw a lot of today.

Mr. K doesn't know if you can see, but the women below are bunnies and turtles in those cages.

In the photo below, the taxi is trying to turn around. Notice how the traffic just moves around him, not yielding an inch.

The photo below was taken from Tony's pre-school which happens to be on the seventh floor.

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Don Tai said...

Thanks for the pics of Wuxi. The photo of the bikes looks very typical of many cities in China. I liked seeing the lady using the sewing machine outside in front of her shop. The sidewalk looks typically chaotic and easy to misstep and trip.

The lady with the rabbits and turtles is using her bamboo carrier as a seat! Very resourceful though not comfortable. In the pic from Tony's preschool, is that pollution or fog in the distance?

It's great for Tony to survive his first day at preschool without the parents. He's a brave little guy.