Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Night K-musings Three.

  • What to talk about in my blog? That is one of the problems of my existence. Other problems include how to be a good father and a good teacher.
  • I wish they, whoever they be, would unblock Youtube. Tony's Canadian grandparents would like to see their grandson! Thank you very much!
  • My school's library has a paperback copy of The Northern Magus by Richard Gwynn, a biography of Pierre Eliot Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada in the 1970s and friend of Fidel Castro. I read the book twice in high school for a book report. That was over 25 years ago in Brandon, Manitoba. I remember that particular time as the happiest of my early teenage years. After that, everything seemed to go to shit. But, anyway, I digress. Trudeau, as far as I am concerned, was an a**hole, but he was a fascinating a**hole - I will at least give the devil his due on one count. Mind you, he is fascinating by Canadian standards. Too bad, all his policies were failures and Canada has suffered from them ever since. I will read the book with an open mind.
  • Say what you like about Brian Mulroney, but he was friends with Ronald Reagan. Mulroney got to speak at Reagan's funeral. Mulroney had the decency to socialize with civilized people. Castro was a pall-bearer at Trudeau's funeral - what an insult to people who had fled to Canada to escape tyrannies like Castro's.
  • I am weary. So I will leave my entry at that....

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