Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama. Easter. Tony Talks!

I tried to talk about Obama in my English Corner last night, but the students really did not have much to say about him other than he was black and a good speaker. So general were their views, I couldn't go into any detail about anything he has done without doing a lecture that most of the students couldn't follow. I wouldn't have bothered showing them this parody of an Obama speech.

I briefly talked to these students about Easter as well. Again, the students did not have much to say. Most didn't even know that Easter was about Christ being on the cross and then rising from the dead. I mentioned the prediction I linked to in a previous blog. The prediction about China becoming the biggest Christian and Muslim country in the world. One student said it was possible because China did have a huge population. I then asked the students what Chairman Mao would think of this development and one student said Mao would ask "what happened to the communist party?".

I had proof this morning that my wife's fears about Tony not learning and words was unfounded. Before, I went to work, I told Tony it was time for me to be going. He said "Bye, bye!". It is the first time he has done this for me without my first saying "bye bye!" to him. So, there you go Honey! Tony is making progress, at his own pace and in his own way!

I have found another blog I like. In this entry, the doctor says this: My wife has also suggested that working long hours, then coming home and sitting on the computer for the rest of the evening and all weekend is not what she would describe as a “relationship” — funny people, these women are — don’t they understand we men have our needs? And of course, she is entirely correct, and I’m committed to making some changes to fix my malfeasance in this area. Obsessively scanning the web for the latest Obamanation is not terrible good use of time or mental energy anyway, so the change is truly a blessing in disguise. Strange how even doctors can fall into the same habits that this simple English teacher in China has been. I have spent too many an evening on the computer looking up blogs and ignoring the wife. I should change too.

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