Wednesday, April 22, 2009

They are back. Mousetrap that works.

Tony and Jenny are back. Here is the video. I would like to embed the video but a funny thing happened. I was able to upload the video. However I can't play it. Maybe the url to play videos on Yahoo! is being blocked. This means I can't get the code for the embeddable player. So if you are in China, you may not be able to watch the video. Hopefully, my parents can. Dad, Mom, click on the words "the video" with your mouse. I see later if I can embed WTU #317 on this blog.

Before I picked up two thirds of the Family K at the bus station. I wandered about the downtown. I saw this man who looked to be selling mousetraps. You can see he had his wares laid out on a sidewalk.

Like a restaurant with tanks and cages full of live animals and fish being used to provide the customers of the freshness of their dishes, this man provides actual proof of the efficiency of his mouse traps with a trapped mouse...

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