Saturday, April 4, 2009


The day off seemed so inadequate. It rained all day so the family K didn't leave the house. We watched t.v. and played on the computer.

Tina would be the name of the second child, presumably a girl, that the adults at Casa K have talked about having. Having Tony, I now have many regrets that I didn't become a parent sooner - twenty years sooner in fact. I am finding it difficult to rid myself of impractical habits and ideas because I spent the good part of my adulthood living an extended adolescence. I tried to make up for it by having Tony. I now ask myself if bringing a Tina into the world would be practical. I am in my mid-forties. My income is modest. Having Tina would put an end to all my unrealistic goals. I would have to become a full adult. But would it be good for Jenny and Tony and Tina?


Kevin said...

Would that be allowed in China? Does being married to a foreigner make it OK for your wife to have 2 children, or has she taken Canadian citizenship?

Actually I have another not-very-related question too, if you don't mind - what have you done with your son's Chinese surname. Has he taken the name you chose for yourself, or your wife's surname, or something else entirely?

- Kevin

Andis Kaulins said...

I make the children Canadian citizens. So my wife can have more than one.

Tony's full name is Anthony Arnis Peng Kaulins. I gave him two middle names giving him the Latvian name of one of his grandfathers and the Chinese name of the other. The surname Anthony I choose because we could change his name to Tony which the Chinese find easy to pronounce. The "An" at the start of it honors me. Tony also has a Chinese name - Jia Li taken from Jia Na Da - the Chinese word for Canada