Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday in AKICistan.

Andis Kaulins in China is the blog that KICs ass. Anyway, if it is Tuesday, it means you are in AKICistan which means it is Saturday. Understand? Well if you don't, you are beyond help. But don't give up hope. You are still allowed to read my blog.

Two wonderful days off await me. But will they be wonderful? Will they be days off? It is up to Jenny who says it is up to me but I can't buy her argument that I possess free will in our marriage.

I asked the students what they favorite English words were. I told them my favorite Chinese expression was MamaHuHu. In return, they listed expressions like: "Fall in Love", "Encourage" and "Stupid". Of course it was the stupid student that said "stupid". Taking literally, to "fall in love" is a strange expression. I suppose the student had images of two lovers hand in hand, falling from the top of a high building or mountain into the blissful state. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony has is using his feet to kick doors open. He must have caught a police show on t.v. or something.

The Wizard of Oz DVD plays on the t.v.

Here is the third and last video I took at that Maoist Restaurant on Xicheng Road.

Cultural Revolution Redux: Here come the Japanese from Andis Kaulins on Vimeo.

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