Monday, April 20, 2009

Near AKICistan

It's Tuesday so you must be in AKICistan. Where is AKICistan? It is here where I am. But it can also be there that I go. So AKICistan is here, there, and everywhere. For now, the best place to find it is Wuxi.

In front of AKICistan the following could be seen:

Why did I take this photo below? Because I thought it was strange to look out my front window and see a parked bicycle, a thermos for tea, and what also turned out to be a makeshift chair.

The owner of the bicycle above must have been working with the group, shown below, who were cutting grass and manicuring bushes.

The things that came past my window that I don't take photos of! This morning, there was a garbage collector with bicycle, wide straw hat, and wagon who was a perfect subject for a photo. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring my camera out fast enough and he rode out of range.

I did take a photo of some people walking past AKICistan with luggage. I know exactly what these people are doing. They are humping their luggage to get to the train station or bus station downtown. They are first heading to the bus stop, near Casa AKICistan, to catch the #25 bus which goes downtown. If these people are lucky, they may get a seat. However, their belongings will be trampled on either way. The westerner first thinks why they don't take a taxi but, they probably can't afford it. The annoyances they have to put up are worth the 35 rmb savings and are incomprehensible to the spoiled.

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