Sunday, September 19, 2010

Silly Tweets

  • Thinking stinky.  Feeling Good.
  • Rinky Dinky Doo!
  • Thinking Splunky. Feeling Funky.
  • Shepards really get my goat.
  • Thinking of holding a Naturist informational meeting at the Sheraton.
  • Get the Funk out of my classroom.
  • Eating vegtables. Thinking of Meat. 
  • Aardvark Ski Doo!
  • Amscray!
  • Anything you can do, I can do naked. 
  • I can do naked things better than you.
  • Thinking nonsense; being ultra-sensible.
  • Short but accessible.
  • Favorite Philosophers?  Shopping Hauer  and Nit Ski.
  • I got a hole in my sock.  What would Shopping Hauer do?
  • Being Spunky is better than Funky!
  • Guns, Freedom, Jesus!  Palin!  Yeah!
  • Favorite Beatles Song?  Holding your hand is what I wanna do!
  • Another Good Beatles Song?  Love is all you need.
  • Good Orwell Books?  Farm Animal and A Daughter's Clergyman.
  • Everyone of you is going to die.  How do you like those apples?
  • Boy!  Do you have a lot of nervousness!
  • Has anyone seen my other green sock?
  • Lost my shoes at the Supermarket in the meat section.
  • Forgot to wear underwear and bring my phone!
  • Lost my shirt while teaching.  I don't know how it went missing.
  • I was only five minutes late!  (I would never say that!)

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