Sunday, September 26, 2010

Late September Blogging

Black Mischief  I finished the Evelyn Waugh Novel in three days.  Reading TLOR has made me a super fast reader of shorter novels.  Black Mischief was hilarious.  Vintage Waugh!

No American League Pennant Race  There would have been dramatic pennant races in the American League this year if it wasn't for the wild card.  Instead of there being building drama and tension, all four teams have clinched playoff spots and can spend the rest of the regular season adjusting their pitching staffs.  I can't help but think that the wild card was adopted by  MLB to attract the increasing proportion of the population with A.D.D.

Prey  I am reading some brain candy by Michael Crichton.

It's Fall  The weather, I said to the students, must have read the calendar.  On September 21st, it was hot in Wuxi.  In fact, it was very hot in the mid thirties.  The next day, September 22nd, the weather quickly took on a Autumn-like coolness.

Accident  I saw a the end result of a horrible accident at an intersection near my apartment.  A car had a squashed front end and an electric bike lay on the ground, with all sorts of debris around it.  I thought of my wife always taking Tony to school on the bike.

Fireworks  The neighbors below us decided to blow off some firecrackers just below one of our apartment windows (we are on the third floor).  The burst surprised us and caused Tony to cry and clutch onto his parents for a hour.  My wife screamed and swore out the window at those people below.

What's wrong with the American Economy?  Listen to this podcast to find out.  It is the best summary of the trouble that I have heard to date.

What I did on Saturday the 26th  I:  taught classes, did paperwork, downloaded podcasts, listened to podcasts about soccer, listened to podcasts about politics, listened to podcasts about religion, blogged, read Aquinas, read an Elizabeth Bishop poem, read Teresa of Avila, read Catechism, read Crichton, read Flannery O'Connor, read Peter Kreeft, studied Chinese, studied Latvian, rode the bus for two hours, and wrestled with my son.

A Shellacking in November?  Please!

Andis is a girl's name?  B.S.  Looking for the origins or possible meanings of my name has only yielded dead ends.  This wikipedia entry is no help either.  Here, it says Andis means "strong desire".
Guards and Workers arguing  At the entrance of my apartment complex, an electric bike with building material laid on its side.  Nearby, the security guards and the apartment decoration workers were screaming at each other.  It wasn't the first time to witness a shouting match.
Marching  I passed two groups of men wearing black security uniforms and black berets as I returned from having dropped off Tony at his school.  Each group, of four, was marching in single file on the sidewalk on the road that runs by our apartment.
Cumminsunists  Two students we have from Cummins company, told me they were members of the Communist Party.  This information had come up when I had them make sentences with the word "still".  Asking them a little more about their participation, they told me they attended party meetings, once a week, which were held at the company.
School's out and so was I  I couldn't say, with certainty, that I had ever actually left work at the same time as the public school kiddies left school, till last Sunday.    Because of the two holidays (the September 22nd and the October 1st to 3rd), students went  to school on Saturday and Sunday to make up for those holidays of not attending school.  This strange scheduling and my having left work a little earlier than normal lead to my being at a bus stop with hundreds of uniformed school kiddies.  I supposed that this happened all the time but I hadn't been aware of it till then.  Seeing so many at the bus stop made my heart sink at the thought of not having a seat on my long bus ride home.  But then, I saw that this big onrush on students was anticipated by the bus authorities -- I saw at least six #313 buses arrive at the same time to pick up all the students.  And I was able to get a seat on my bus.

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