Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam: Why not?

What to do?  Should I read Flannery O'Connor, read Tolkien, read the Bible, study Chinese Characters, study Chinese grammar, study Latvian, study Greek, practice reading Chinese text, listen to Chinese recordings, read Ezra Pound, read email, check up the Google Reader, listen to music, listen to Sinatra, listen to Tom  Waits, write in my blog, add to my great expatriate novel, make a video of Tony, play with Tony, read up on parenthood, think of ways to make my wife happy, write in my notebook, pray, write an email, watch Mad Men on DVD, find the Wire DVDs I have, clean the house, make a cup of tea, phone someone, find a snack, go outside, kiss my wife, make love, watch one of a thousand DVDs I have, clean up Tony's toys, buy Tony some more toys, speak in Chinese to my wife, take a shower, comb my hair, shave, or vegetate?

Quote:  "Happiness is often the result of being too busy to be miserable."

O'Connor QuoteOne old lady said, "That was a play that really made me think!"  I didn't ask her what.
The many halves of Tony:  Unlike other people whose children have only two halves, I can say Tony has more.  He is half-Canadian, half-Chinese, half-Latvian, and two halves Boy.
Mad Man  I am one quarter of the way through the four DVD collection I have of Madman episodes.  So, Draper took the identity of a man who was killed in Korea, abandoning his original family?  Too Soap Opera-ish and not enough hats, but I will carry on with DVD #2.
China a Christian Country?  Somewhere on the Net, someone said that China could have the world's biggest Christian population.  You wouldn't even begin to think that when you board a Chinese bus -- manners go out the window, as the expression goes.  Sunday night, I was carrying Tony, and some fellow tried to cut in front of me as I was boarding the bus.  Being annoyed at the fact that everyone was doing this, I shoved this particular man against the side of the bus entrance.  Jenny stopped me from making more of it, so I gave him the evil eye as we took the bus home.
300  I re-watched the movie on Monday afternoon.  Comic book history that is fun, but still comic book, so the pacing and stylings were so unrealistic and ultimately unappealing.  One longs for grace and light.
From the third floor  When I took Tony to Kindergarten by taxi on Tuesday morning, Jenny actually hailed the taxi we took from the third floor of our apartment.
Guilt  All those years ago!  I was wasting time -- going for a second round of university studies.  I befriended someone.  He found me a job but it wasn't cool - it required that I work and "lower myself".  So, I quit.  Made the guy who recommended me for the job look bad.  Shame on me!  What ingratitude!...    (That memory popped into head like it was kicked in there by my conscience.)
Red Eyes Jimmy, a local, who works at the school in our marketing department, walked into my office and told me to beware of the "Red Eyes".
"The Red Eyes?" I asked.
He replied: "The Red Eyes from the countryside!"
Martians  It is said that a Martian observing Italians would conclude that they talk with their arms.  I say that a Martian observing Democrats in America would conclude that they talk out of their asses.
Leading Their Witnesses  English Teachers, if they were lawyers, would out be out of order in court for leading their witnesses (students).
Teacher:  Make a sentence with "forbid"!
Student:  My wife forbids me to copulate with other women.
Teacher:  Who taught you that word!?!   ______ (another teacher)?
Student:  No!
Teacher: Well.  You have given me an anecdote.
Another Student:  What is "copulate"?


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