Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mid September Blogging

My Latvian Study I have decided to study Latvian again -- an example of hope triumphing over experience. I have found a good web site with MP3s that I can download to my mobile phone for listening. The listening to Latvian speakers is great because even if I can't understand what they say, the sound of Latvian speakings brings back pleasant memories of family and youth.

Re-Reading of the Lord of the Rings I can say I have read TLOR from start to finish twice. I remember the first time reading it that I felt the novel had 100 pages of anti-climax after the Ring was returned to its source. However, this time, I found the last 100 pages to be very rewarding. The ending celebrated the importance of the local over the grand. While the Hobbits were on their grand quest, the Shire went to pot, and so they had to go to the trouble of repairing it. There is a moral in this: we should all live in the particular and not so much concern ourselves with the grandiose unless called to. I also liked what Frodo said to Sam at the end: ...when things are in danger: some one had to give them up, lose them, so that others may keep them. TLOR is about the importance of duty and sacrifice, and so it is hard to think of it as a modern book.

Now Reading Evelyn Waugh's Black Mischief. Wuxi = Azania?

Ice Moon Cakes Say what you like about the ordinary Moon Cake, but Ice Moon Cakes, perhaps Ice Cream Moon Cakes are wonderful! They are a Chinese version of a Ice Cream Sandwich. The students love these ice cakes but they all say they are very expensive. I had a student give me a couple of these ice moon cakes last week and so have developed a craving to eat and praise them.

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