Thursday, September 30, 2010

Silly and not so Silly Tweets: Edition 2

  • You should look in the light cracks made by curtains because you might see a man peeking out the crack as he puts on his underwear.
  • Still looking for my socks.
  • AKIC is wonderful.  He sucks not.
  • Co is my God-pilot.
  • Casdel Fitro is a mil evan.
  • I wear not Gu Cheverra shirts that t.
  • Htop the State
  • Choke for Change
  • Pea tarts are delicious. Pee tarts are for donkeys.
  • Lions and Eagles don't want to be lead by donkeys.
  • donkey Boy is an empty suit.
  • Santa Claus -a donkey fiction.
  • donkeys want to eat cheese and surrender like monkeys.
  • In the dead run, we are all gone.
  • Potato of Gradin served with Parmesinian Noodles.
  • Ask what your country can do for you, not; ask what it is for your country that you can do if you can.
  • Trudeau wanted a just society.  Instead he left us with a society, just barely.
  • It is better to be nude or naked?

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