Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Welfare state of mind.

Nothing can be finer than taking your son for a walk and listening to Sinatra.  I did this evening as I hoisted the boy on my shoulders and turned on the music on my mobile phone's MP3 player (what I was doing is probably ancient technology now, but so be it - to have the music at the tip of my fingers is much better than what I had in the 1980's.)
Anyway, I was thinking to myself that it is a welfare state of mind to think of children as something you have to pay for; they are in fact assets.  The state in deigning to take care of us has made us think of taking care of others as a chore and a punishment.  And so I hope Tony can be an operator as soon as he can.  One thing I have noticed is that few of the students we have at the school have any business sense.  They mostly have this sort of pass an examination, get a good job mindset.

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