Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An afternoon with Tony Boy

Tuesday being my day off, I took Tony Boy to downtown Wuxi. Here is what we did:

My mission was to go to the Bank of China and deposit a money order sent by my parents. I failed to accomplish my mission by bringing Tony's passport instead of mine.

From the Bank we went to Chong An Market which was practically deserted on account of the intense day time heat. The heat didn't stop Tony from wanting to go on this one rmb ride. I can hardly wait till he gets bored of them. Of course, I don't understand why he isn't bored of them already. But anytime he sees one, he runs to it and stretches out his hand for the one rmb coin which he can put in the slot himself.

Tony also went on this two rmb carousel ride.

From Chong An Market, we walked to Parkson's. I recorded WTU 369 in the toy department. There, the sales girl showed Tony this great toy that I want to buy. A authentic-sized pistol which shots light beams at a round light-sensitive target. Hit the center of the target and it starts to revolve and play music.

It was all I could to get Tony out of the Toy department. I thought I could bore him by taking him to the cookware department, but he thought it was the greatest thing to play with the lids, taking them on and off the pots and pans.

Got him out, I did and we then went to the Xinhua book store. Several locals practiced their English on me, and I regret I couldn't give them my full attention because Tony was running every where. Funny how when I wanted to go somewhere and let the locals mind Tony for a minute, Tony became hysterical with fright and ran after me. I guess the boy loves and relies on me in his own way. It is a loving, slapping relationship we have.

I should never get jaded about the locals wanting to speak English with me. That is why I am here. And frankly they treat you more sincerely than most of the Expats you meet here.
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