Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good news on a glum day.

Visit here to see what Solar Eclipse 2009 was like here in Wuxi.
This column by David Warren was one of the few cheery parts of this day.  It includes this choice quote:  From Trudeau's Omnibus Bill of 1969, forward, I have found, consistently, all my adult life, that this is how the Left operates: in the slimiest and most deceitful available way, in order to short-out public discussion and manufacture the fait accompli. And I cannot think of an exception: not one piece of left wing legislation that I can recall, in the last 40 years, in Canada or the U.S., that was placed before a legislature plainly with adequate notice and no administrative tricks.  The big Conservative initiatives taken by Mulroney:  Free Trade and the Charlottetown Accord were put to elections and referendum.  And somehow, Mulroney gets rated the bastard, when it was Trudeau all along.  Amazing!
While that is glum, he does end the column on a cheery note:  Rejoice and be exceeding glad. Or at least, let us be fairly cheerful, for in the longer view, God continues to work through nature, and what is unsustainable cannot be long sustained.  For me, the rain today blocking the solar eclipse was just as well, considering I have 23 month old Tony in the house.  The thought of him looking at the solar eclipse was enough to make my wife not want to have anything to do with it.  Some peace of mind is something to never be taken for granted.  (But if you want peace of mind, you have to make sacrifices.  No power can give it to you on a plate)


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