Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tony and I go on a beer run.

Tony and I went on a beer run last night, a pineapple beer run that is or that was.  I drove the scooter with Tony standing on the floor board to nearby Yangqiao, a seven minute ride from the apartment.  There is a fairly big grocery store in Yangqiao that serves most of the Kaulins needs very well.  It has a bigger stock of Pineapple beer than Yangqiao would have and these milk cookies that seem unavailable in the stores near the school.

Tony knows the grocery store well because it has those one rmb rides that he is addicted to.  When I got to the store, Tony got off the bike and ran straight to them.  I had to hurriedly lock the bike and catch up to him.  

I pulled him away from the rides, and took him to the shelves to find the pineapple beer.  I got  eight king cans, and those cookies as well.

Paying for my purchases, it was all I could do to restrain Tony from running to the rides again.  But I rewarded him for his patience by giving him one rmb coin - he can insert the coin in the slot to get the ride operating.

While he was on the ride, I loaded up the bike and then unlocked it.  He took the bike to the store entrance so Tony could see me.  Seeing me, Tony panicked, got off the ride, and ran towards me.  I was able to get him home with minimal fuss.

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