Monday, July 6, 2009

Akicistan goes to Shanghai.

Since Akicistan is in Shanghai tomorrow, the chances are that there will not be any Akicistan blogging on the appointed day.  So, rare and precious readers, you can rewatch the Dominion Day videos I have embedded in this site.  Or watch them for the first time.  If you are outside mainland China, you can even reacquaint yourself with all the classic videos I have on my Youtube channel.
I am going to pick up Tony's passport at the Canadian Consulate.  I will have to buy my train tickets tomorrow.  I don't want to go but the deed has to be done.
Tony has a virus which is causing him to have fevers, so my plan to have him accompany me will have to be unfortunately quashed.
Also, flat tire number four.  It happened five minutes from home.  It meant having to take fifteen minutes to push the scooter back.  Why is that nails also seem to puncture the sidewall of the tire?  It is like someone deliberately punctured the tire.  I guess I don't understand the physics of tires running over nails.

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