Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Night Whatevers.

  • I feel I should be blogging but I don't know why.  I will just type away for a hour and you can judge if anything happened.
  • Obama is Forrest Gump with a Thesaurus.  I saw the comparison here.  I rather like it.  You know I agree with it.
  • Two great BBC documentary series,  The Search for Troy and Kenneth Clark's Civilisation can be watched at as well as this rare video.
  • The wife bought a third a/c unit for the apartment.  This one is now in the main bedroom.  Only problem is that it took the workers three hours to install and at the end of the process, it was found that the electrical plug-in needed to be repaired.  My wife was pissed.
  • I am chicken boy.  See previous entry.
  • The VPN program I have on this computer (I am working at home) angers the wife.  She claims it slows down the computer.
  • Tony likes dancing.
  • Tony seemed to like watch episodes from Pee Wee's Playhouse.  I wonder if Paul Reubens ever went to Never Never land.
  • Rare Readers may know that I like to fiddle around with titles.  For example, Tolstoy wrote Peace and War.  DH Lawrence wrote Lovers and Sons.  Orwell wrote 8419 and Farm Animal.  I have been working through Beatles' song titles.  So far, I have come up with: Man Tax, 8 weeks a day, Belle My Michelle, I wanna hand your hold, Madonna Lady (kind of like saying military intelligence),  and USSR in the back.
  • It rained heavy at about five this afternoon.  We learned that a lot of builders in China didn't take drainage into account when they constructed their buildings.
  • If I am any kind of boy, I guess you can call me Blogging Boy.  Tony I call Poo Boy.  The KoW I call Bullshit Boy.
  • The solar eclipse is happening on Wednesday, July 22 at 800 a.m.  I will not be working that day so I will probably sleep in and miss it....   Not!  Instead expect one of the greatest WTU's ever.  And I mean ever.
  • I like asking the students when they say never if they mean never, ever.   And if they yes to that, I ask if they mean never, ever, ever.
  • The neighbors, I see, have a fridge next to their sofa in the living room of the apartment.  I am thinking to take a photo but the man is in his undershorts.
  • On the way to work, when I take the bus, I see this outside poster of Deng Xiaopeng, the great reformer.   It is located in this factory that looks to have been constructed along the lines of worker communes.  Old and decrepit as these factories are, I would have to say they probably were built as communal places.
  • Could I live in this country without the Internet? I doubt it.
  • Reading the Black Swan book has provided me with some support to my contention that the Nobel Prize Committee is screwy.  Taleb, who does knock down Economics several pegs as a science, sees the fact that there is a Nobel Prize for Economic Science as a vain attempt on the part of Economists to make their profession have the certainty and scientific feel of Physics.  Many of the Nobel Prize winning Economists says Taleb are frauds (except for a few like Hayek).  In the Black Swan, Taleb  listed a few Nobel Prize winning Economists who engaged in the filthy habit of Econometrics on Gaussian terms.  I believe that one Taleb  listed was responsible for the horrible IS-LM curve, an attempt to graphically present Keynes's General Theory.  Whether I am correct in this assertion or not, the economist Taleb mentioned did managed to destroy the basis of Keynesian Economics which employed, Taleb said, an understanding of uncertainty.
  • I always see people who should know better.  Every time I look in the mirror I see one as well.
  • There is no bread and sugar in the house.  And there is nowhere close I can go to buy some.  I will just have to do without.
  • The runner of this site seems overly obsessed with nationalities.  He has proclaimed the universal ugly tourist is no longer American but French.  I suppose he had to do after I pointed out to him that he definitely was an anti-American.  He tried to use the Ernst Zundel free speech defence to cover the fact.
  • Does hanging out with people and Expats from all over the world make one more cosmopolitan or wise or something?  I suppose it depends on the people you hang with.  Many Expats assume they are world wise or something and so a joy for everyone else to behold... not.  I think it would be better to hang with a bunch of good sorts at something like a monastery than to hang with self-proclaimed wise guys convinced beyond doubt of their ineffable worldliness and big view.  All that this travel to another continent has taught me is that the world is full of assholes.
  • I look at three Micheal Crichton novels with eager anticipation.
  • As for students, I prefer teaching girls to boys.  Girls are just better behaved and make for better students.
  • Says Taleb, if one has to resort to Ad Hominem attacks, one should realize that one is winning the argument.  One should in fact try to be attacked Ad Hominemly as much as possible, especially when make assertions of facts and logic.
  • I haven't looked at the Papal Encyclical yet.

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