Friday, July 10, 2009

Time to get serious?

  • Is it time to get serious?  I suppose.  But, about what?
  • Reading the Black Swan book by NNT.  It is very interesting.  However, I wonder if 9/11 is in fact a Black Swan.  Throughout the book the event was used as a primary example of the Black Swan phenomenon.  My recollection of 9/11 was that before a big terrorist attack was always expected to occur in the United States.  How and when was the question.  The manner in which 9/11 occurred was novel.  But I remember later on 9/11 exclaiming "so that is how they did it!"  The attack itself was probable.  What wasn't highly probable was the manner in which it took place.  And the attacks have kept occurring around the world, not unexpectedly, like in the U.K. on 7/7.
  • I am going to have to read the Papal Encyclical.  Some on the Left are gloating saying it puts the Pope to the left of Obama and Chavez.  But the chances are these types are cherry-picking.
  • It is hot and sticky in the house.  I have to drag myself up to ready to go to work. 

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