Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Make the world go away!

Crummy Day
It feels like Monday to me, this Thursday, because it is my first day back to work after my two regular days off.  As well, the weather is cold and rainy  --  a grey glum day.  Getting up was a chore I could have done without.

Blogging Plans
With my spaces site being blocked in China, I will have to change my blogging arrangements.  Things won't change that much for my blogspot site.  I have worked around its being blocked, but the only reason I have used spaces is to have a local China presence.  Not having that, I may stop posting to it.  The kind runner of has offered me some space on his site to run a local AKIC blog.  

Life without Tony
I couldn't imagine how I would live without Tony.  Without him, I would have gone off the deep end about two years ago.  With him, I have a reason to stay sane  -- something bigger than myself and my selfish desires.  Tony is a blessing.

My current reading
Currently, I am not in the midst of reading any book.  Having finished the Crichton novel, I read a bunch of short stories by various authors that I downloaded and printed off the Internet.  If I can find more stories by Flannery O'Connor, I would be tickled pink.  This one story I read, "A Good Man is hard to find", is haunting me still.

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