Friday, December 25, 2009

The AKIC Boxing Day Dispatch

Wuxi Christmas
I worked till nine p.m. on Christmas Eve.  I can report that the Protestant church near our school had a security cordon around its' entrance, and that the streets of Wuxi were very crowded with people out for the holiday.  The resulting traffic had me get home twenty minutes later than usual.
The Wuxi Kaulins Family Christmas
On Christmas Morning, Jenny asked me if had Christmas Day off from work.  I had forgotten to mention it to her earlier.  I had told rare readers of AKIC that Christmas was going to be lazy for me, and so it was, but Jenny asking me if I had the day off shows how little planning went into it.  I did put on the EWTN TV player to hear some Christmas music and worship, but I mostly spent the day with Tony, changing DVDs for him constantly as nothing seemed to keep his interest for more than twenty minutes.  Feeling a little under the weather, I was hoping for a day of rest but Tony wouldn't let me snooze.  Supper was simple.   I was in bed by nine p.m. Christmas night.
The highlight of the day was being able to talk to my parents and brother who are in snowed-in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.  I will confess that hearing their voices brought tears to my eyes -- I suppose these tears were tears of guilt for really I should be talking to them more often than I do -- making the phone call was easy.  For my parents, I suppose it was great to be able to hear their grandson say some words.  For Jenny, I think the call made her want to go to Canada this year.
I learned from my family that Latvia plays Canada in a world junior hockey championship game on Boxing Day.  Go Latvia!

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