Saturday, December 12, 2009

Funky AKIC Thursday Headlines

If you say you are having a funky day, is it because the day is groovy, or is it because you are in a funk?  I prefer to be ambiguous about the issue.  It is not important anyway and so barely rates being mentioned.

Sensations on my bus ride home last evening
I felt joy because I was able to get a seat -- on a forty minute ride that is a very good thing.  I felt guilt because I was able to get a seat -- all those poor souls who did have to stand.  I listened to a podcast on my mobile phone as I sat -- this helped me to ignore the fact that others were standing  -- I also felt illuminated as the podcast I was listening dealt with issues profound:  debt.  I felt consternation as someone was leaning against my shoulder -- my instincts told me to stiffened my shoulder to stab the leaner in the back  -- experience told me not to because one time I actually did that to an old lady who got caught in the umbrella that was sticking out of my backpack.  I felt fear and disgust  -- there was this lady, seated behind me, who was a having a long fit of violent sneezing.  I was expecting some sneeze-induced projectile to land on the back of my jacket and hair from this lady.  Her sneezing was so strong and periodic that one would have thought she was practicing blowing a kazoo.  She wasn't too happy with the sneezing either, I could tell, because she was muttering in a frustrated manner between the sneezes.  I felt amusement as I heard her sneeze after I got off the bus.  I looked around to see who she was but I didn't see her because she was still on the bus.  Her sneezing was loud and startling even to people not on the bus.

My son Tony knows to say this when he pretends to answer a phone.

Wet and then Cold
It is going to rain for a few days in Wuxi.  When that wet spell stops, a student tells me, a cold spell will begin.

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