Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Question: I remember it now!

Yes!  Now I remember the question.  Here it is:
It is about human nature.  I am very interested in it.  Asking whether you think people are good or bad doesn't get me great responses from students.  So I will have to see if this question works:
Do people surprise you or disappoint?  Do you surprise or disappoint yourself?  (I will provide more detailed explanations for the students using examples in hopes of getting thoughtful answers from them.)
My answer:  I guess I will sound misanthropic.  But, all in all, people disappoint me.  And when I remember that I am no different from other people, this statement is a slap of my face as well.  But we are all fallen creatures.  In the question, I take "people to surprise" to mean pleasantly surprise, and I will admit that happens.  And when it does happen, it is because I do underestimate people.  Sometimes I get an insight from an unexpected source.  And when I surprise myself, though, it is usually a very disappointing surprise -- I am not at all high and mighty as I fashion myself to be.
That is a short and sweet answer from me.  I expand and expand on this question with the students, hopefully getting specific examples from them.

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