Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 18 AKIC Headlines

Students on Tiger Woods
One of the students said Tiger should join the Mormons because they allow a man to have multiple wives.  Another student then said he should become Muslim and move to Saudi Arabia for the same reasons.  The problem with the second solutions pointed out the other students that it would be a bad career mood in America.
J and T's return
My wife and son will return to Wuxi tomorrow afternoon.  Hopefully, they can go to the school Christmas Party later in the evening, but they may not be up to it.
Wise Blood
I just watched a movie adaptation, on DVD, of Flannery O'Connor's novel.  The film made by John Huston had its moments, but I wish I had read the novel first.
Long Johns
On a day bereft of headlineable material, I will tell you I have been wearing long underwear the last few days.
No Headlines
I have been teaching and sitting at my desk applying myself to reading and study.  So not much for me to report.

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