Monday, December 14, 2009


I got my wife Jenny to watch Gone With The Wind last night.  She had recently watched all three parts of the Lord of The Rings and asked me for some more epic entertainment on DVD and so I suggested GWTW.  Jenny did not like the beginning of the film finding Scarlett O'Hara is be "flighty".  However, the pregnancy of O'Hara's rival for the Leslie Howard character's affection, and O'Hara's behavior then got Jenny's  interest.  Jenny's final verdict on the movie was that it was very good.  Jenny also had a lot to say about O'Hara's motivations finding it sometimes understandable and sometimes not.  Like me, Jenny was affected by the death of the little girl in the riding accident.
Jenny's verdict on the movie confirms my suspicion that GWTW is the greatest Chick movie ever made.
The students on Tiger Woods
The Tiger Woods saga is actually a good conversation topic for my English classes and a good source of material for my blog. 
I would say that the students were somewhat aware of what had happened with Tiger when I broached the topic in class. 
The female students say that it was understandable that  his wife would attack with him with golf clubs but they didn't endorse the behavior. 
I am not sure why, but I have found that students telling me that Tiger's wife should find a new wife to be very funny.  She should marry Fuzzy Zoeller? I ask.  And yet I wonder why I think the idea of Mrs. Tiger Woods finding a new husband to be funny, when I wouldn't think the idea a wife married to some average Joe looking for a new husband to not be.
Asking the students if the scandal was really all that important, they all said it was because Tiger was a considered a hero and a role model.  On the suggestion of another teacher, I asked the students what would happen if Yao Ming was embroiled in a similar scandal.  I brought up the image of Mrs. Yao throwing basketballs at her husband's head.  One student said that such a scandal  involving Yao was inconceivable which answered my question.  Yao Ming would be similarly disgraced and deservedly disgraced if he acted like Tiger Woods.
In my mind, I wonder what parallels could be drawn between the Woods saga and Bill Clinton's impeachment trial.  I remember at the time how so many Clinton supporters said the sex wasn't important  -- let Bill do his job.  I don't seem to be seeing the same urge to defend Tiger.  For even in China, many were willing to give Bill the benefit of the doubt.  The general opinion here is that Tiger is toast.
I have one final thought comparing to Hilary and Mrs. Tiger Woods.  It is unfortunate that Tiger's wife is Swedish because she would make a better secretary of state that Hilary.  Tiger Woods wife has more balls.

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