Monday, December 28, 2009

AKIC Weekend

It is my weekend but I won't be posting much to the blog.  I have a bad cold at the moment; I have some overtime classes to teach both evenings; and so I am using all my available free time to rest.  I don't know how to do an extended agghhh!! and whine in prose. And I don't want to.
Mission Accomplished?
Taking the bus, I saw a man, with some sort of chest or throat problem, open the window and stick his head there out.  He did this right in front of me, so I couldn't help but see him.  I thought he was going to vomit but he didn't, instead he looked like he was trying to spit or retch -- making the whole opening the window bit seem inexplicable.  In my mind's eye, I also imagined him being decapitated by a truck coming close to the bus.  After two minutes, he put his head back in and patted his chest for the benefit of an acquaintance who had a bandaged eye.  The bus was full of invalids!!  I suppose the man and his friend were going to the hospital, or coming back from it.


the petersons said...

Hey Andis,

I loved checking out your blog, and especially your story about the steaming vomit. My family and I all moved to Xian in 2008 and I'm now a teacher as well. Well keep on bloggin! If you have a minute check out my blog,

Andis Kaulins said...

I will do that.

Thank you for leaving a comment.