Sunday, December 20, 2009

Walking down a street in China and what do I see?

Walking down the Chinese street and what do I see?  

Vomit.  I always see vomit because somebody somewhere somehow bought some bad food probably from a road side operation.  

Feces.  One never knows if it is animal or human.  I have seen men shit in a bush in a park.  One time, I even saw used toilet paper in a bus just on the periphery of a government building.  In China, the parents don't put diapers on their babies  -- they have a slit in the seat of their pants.  One time, I saw a woman holding a baby have an exploding event and the woman experienced recoil like she fired a rifle unexpectedly.

Spittle.  The Chinese spit openly and loudly.

Snot.  The Chinese blow their noses with the strength of a fire hose.  Many don't use handkerchiefs.

Puddles.  Water is dumped on the road after restaurant workers clean vegetables.  Adults and lots of babies will urinate on the street.

Debris.  Sidewalks are poorly made.  They quickly deteriorate after being laid down.  So you see tiling, masonry and bricks broken off by cars and bikes and trucks putting more weight on roads and sidewalks than they could be expected to resist.

Trash.  Look in a gutter and what do you see?  A torn down building becomes a downtown dump.

Food.  You wonder if it is sanitary.

Cigarette Butts.  There aren't enough ashtrays in China.

Abandoned Work.  What I mean is workers often don't clean up after themselves.

Abandoned Shoes.  Some things are universal.

Insects.  You can see a piece of  food devoured by hundreds of ants

Rodents.  Downtowns attract people and rats.  Look in the bushes and you will see rats.

Dogs.  Ever see those movies where a gang of talking dogs go on a journey?  I swear I see these gangs in China all the time.

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