Friday, December 11, 2009

AKIC uninspired headlining

The Decade is ending
I was just reading a blog entry talking about the decade of 2000-9 ending.  I hadn't thought about the decade ending till the entry mentioned it.  I don't know if my lack of awareness is because at this stage of my life, time is flying, or because unlike the previous decades, the sixties, the seventies, and so on, you can't easily pronounce the number of 2000-9.  I mean, do we call this decade the noughts?  I haven't even thought of a way to assess the decade.  There was 9/11 and the Internet and Bush Derangement Syndrome descending into Oprah worship, but I think of the look and I think of nothing.  For me personally, it was a good decade.  I got married, I had Tony, and I created this blog.  I achieved my modest goals.  And I am beginning to work on my soul.

Awe? Yes, but I can't remember. 
A very basic topic, you would think, to get students talking can still see the Teacher have students who can, but won't talk.  Talking about Childhood memories, I had a student tell me he couldn't remember anything. That is, he had no good memories. (Was it because he had a bad childhood?  I don't know).  Just this afternoon, I asked students what filled them with a sense of awe.  I did a good job, I thought, of explaining what I wanted.  And the first two students I asked gave good answers.  But the third student said he could think of nothing.  I then asked him if he was ever happy.  He said he was.  I then asked him if he was happy because of something amazing.  He then told me amazing things made him sad....


"I watched three hockey games!"
One of the other trainers told me he was so happy because he was able to watch three hockey games yesterday on his satellite t.v., followed by an N.F.L. game.  I didn't feel envious in the least which just goes to show you how my obsession with sports has come to an end since I came to China.

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