Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tony's Vocabulary, and My Spaces Blog is blocked in China

Tony's increasing vocabulary
I can't keep up with all the words Tony can now say.  Here is a list of many that I can recall him using:  Cheese, Pee-Pee, Moon, Money, Apple, Towel, Tea, Ma (Chinese for horse), Daddy, That way, yi-er (one two in Chinese), one-two-three, Orange, banana, ball, DVD, bye-bye, nai (Chinese for milk), and water.
My Spaces Blog is blocked in China
It appears that my blogs aren't available in China.  Till yesterday, I had to use my spaces blog to communicate with expats in the Wuxi area.  Now, I can't even do that.  How long this blockage will last remains to be seen.  It may well be that I will be able to access the blog again tomorrow.  But my being able to access that blog by VPN indicates to me that something is up with the Great Firewall. 

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