Sunday, December 27, 2009

AKIC gets back to serious blogging

Steaming Vomit
You know it is cold in China when you see the vomit is steaming on the streets.  Scary for me was the fact that I was the only one who seemed to noticed the vomit.  As I stood at the bus stop, I saw countless people step in it.  
Dump Trucks on the local Wuxi news
When Jenny was watching the local t.v. news, I happened to notice two reports about Dump Truck accidents.  In one, a dump truck ran over a cyclist.  My reaction was Yawn! Nothing New - this happens all the time.  I bet fifty people a year in Wuxi are killed by Dump Trucks being driven by operators under the most intense pressure.  I have seen drivers run red lights at very fast speeds.   In the other report, a bridge collapsed as another Dump Truck was being driven over it.  The bridge looked like the rinky-dinky concrete bridges that line the countryside and small city neighbourhood areas.  The truck ended up submerged in about eight feet of water.
Racist Chinese Children
I swear some Wuxi kids have an attitude to foreigners that borders on racism.  While I will get stared at all the time, you won't have adults talk to you like you are some kind of monkey.  I had this one little snotty-nosed bastard of a child, who deserved nothing less than a good, swift cuffing behind both ears, stand beside me at a McDonald's with an attitude that was patronizing to the extreme.  The kid actually grabbed my food to see what I was eating.
Did Premier Wen Snub Obama?
John Derbyshire mentioned this story which many Obamanites of course many want to downplay.  I will ask the students about it in a an upcoming English corner, and report back to you with their reaction.
Prominent Wuxi Expat buys long underwear at Metro
At Dan and Grace's wedding, I overheard a prominent Wuxi Expat saying he was able to buy long underwear Triple XL at Metro, and that it fit him very well.
Like a Deer in Headlights?
I am not sure if it an apt comparison, but I was just not with-it at these weddings I went to.  I could blame it on my also-having to teach on the same day and the fact that I had a cold.  Still, everything seemed distant.  Perhaps, I read so much and rarely interact  -- I am not used to it anymore.  I prefer blogs to people?  Am I a terrible schmoozer?
Do you eat the Black Eggs?
When I first attended Chinese Weddings, I thought the black eggs, that came with the chocolate in packages customarily given to guests, were disgusting.  Now, I eat them hardily.  So if you don't want your black eggs, give them to me!
Jenny has a Driver's License.  Car to follow...
Jenny got her driver's license.  It arrived via courier Monday morning.  Now, she wants to buy a car.  Now, I want to say Yahweh!

The 500th WTU!
I have recorded the Five Hundredth episode of the Wuxi Tony Update Series.  It has been uploaded to youku.  Later you will be able to see in on Youtube.

The Provence
Having lived in Wuxi for five years, it is embarrassing to say that I haven't been able to go to the Provence till last evening.  I enjoyed the food.  I hope the money to go there again some time.


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Congratulations to Jenny… She now can drive all she wants….