Friday, July 31, 2009

Sergeant Major Kaulins

  • Why can't students just come to class and try to learn something?  I hate having to do the Sergeant Major act but this morning I had to do it.  "Why are we here?"  "To learn English!"
  • To get to school, I have to take a bus through Wuxi's chemical alley.  I ride past squalor, rubble, and dirt.  The only thing I have seen that stands out is a sign of Deng Xiao Peng.
  • What do I appreciate about China most?  The things they don't do.  They aren't fascists when it comes to smoking, for example.  They don't restrict alcohol sales.  They don't get upset when they bump into each other.  They don't have a universal health care system.  
  • It was nice to have a host from Shire Network News make a comment on this blog.  Which reminds me.  I should say I am a Latvian who appreciates the Anglo sphere, warts and all.  The Anglo Sphere is best because it has less warts over all and it is not afraid to talk about them.
  • Which reminds me.  Time to download some podcasts!

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