Monday, July 20, 2009

Friday Night! Eclipse is on Sunday!

  • It is Friday where I live.  And I live in the realm of the real.  The next two days are my weekend, and I am looking forward to the Solar Eclipse on Sunday Morning.  I was able to find a pair of special viewing glasses for the once-in-a-lifetime event at a shop downtown.  And so I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow (Saturday) so I can test the glasses out.  It being China, one has to worry about the possibility of being sold fake or low quality glasses.  Josie, one of the study advisors at our school, tells me I can test the glasses by trying to see the sun with them.  If I can see only the sun, then the glasses are legit.
  • With Tony around, I may well have to pass up a chance to watch the eclipse because I don't want Tony looking at the sky.  Tony's future is much more important to me than seeing the eclipse.
  • I paid 12 rmb for the glasses which was probably too much, but whatever I could have paid a hell of a lot more.
  • I have heard students say that it may well rain on Sunday Morning.
  • This site has become dead.  Was it something I said?
  • Tony has this annoying habit of always wanting DVD's to be changed.  Just now, I had put in a new DVD for him but forget to press the play button to start the movie.  What does Tony do?  He runs into the computer room with the DVD player remote.
  • Not much else to say today.  Nothing stupid that Obama has done has been brought to my attention.

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