Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Evening at the Revolution Redux Restaurant

It was another evening of Maoist Chic at what I call the Cultural Revolution Redux Restaurant. We showed the restaurant to a family from Tucson, Arizona who were looking for things to do in Wuxi. These Americans were great. Very friendly and we will hopefully meet on a regular basis. And I found out they are Catholic. You will see them in WTU 374 which is being uploaded as I type. Here are some photos I took.

I would like to think that Tony confronted the boy with the red flag above to warn him of the dangers of Communism. Alas, he was being friendly, was all. The look on the boy's face was not a stern revolutionary fervour, it was a quizzicalness about the foreigner taking a photo of him.

I hate to say but the girls look cute in the Red Guard getup.

That people can do this sort of thing in this day and age is sad. But then again, they elected Obama so anything is possible, no matter how foolish.

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