Monday, July 27, 2009

Science Fiction and possible China-America War.

I figure this particular blog entry is worthy of comment from me, as well as my linking it.  Not that my linking it will do much for its circulation.  After all, I don't have much influence with this blog really, and hopefully I am modest enough to really know it.

Anyway, the blog talks about a few bugaboos of mine:  science fiction and China (since I am living here, I should call it a bugaboo of mine but, don't let that mean I consider myself a Sinologist.  There are plenty of self-considered Sinologists out there.  Another one is not needed.  Hopefully, by saying this, I am being humble and not being above-the-fray cool).  I think the writer points out what is wrong with science fiction.  A lot of science fiction is one dimensional.  Anyone who takes it seriously is a fool.  But the author also adds another argument to my arsenal of the unworthiness of science fiction:  it is a rejection of the beautifulness that is right in front of our noses. (Now I know that is a hard thing to say in Wuxi, but in my case, I had an ephihany of this sort when I was sitting in bed watching Tony fall asleep - it was utterly fantastic.)  Furthermore, science fiction is a dehumanization of the people who created it....

The writer also talks about the possibility of a China-USA war.  I actually had a student tell me that the U.S. and China would go to war in the future just a day before I came upon the particular blog entry.  Could the U.S. and China go to war?  Well they do have a Love Hate relationship.  I have seen American Pilots from World War Two treated as guests of honor on CCTV9 for their help in the war of liberation against China.  The Chinese love Washington, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and Bill Gates.  But then you read what Mao said of America in the Red Book.  Go to the military museum in Beijing, and you will see the Chinese version of what happened when they clashed with the Americans in Korea.  So it is love, hate, and who knows?  No one wants a war, but then most people never do, but they happen anyway.

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