Tuesday, July 14, 2009

People's Hospital #7

  • I went to do a demo class at a company called Areva.  To get there from downtown, a driver took us (that be Summer, Lisa, and me) past Mei Yuan Park not too far from Taihu.  We took a different route on the way back going past a mountain on which Xi Hui Park was on the other side.  It was on the way back that I saw a complex of buildings about which I had to ask was their purpose.  I thought I was looking at a school.  My question caused giggles from the female passengers.  "Have you heard of Hospital Number Seven?" they asked.  I replied "Have I!  It is the hospital for crazy people and where the KoW spent some down time in his first years in Wuxi!"  They then pointed out a crematorium that was across the street.  "Is that smoke coming from the chimney, burning bodies?" I asked.  "Yes" they replied, and I thought to myself, the crematorium is across from the mental health hospital - you can go crazy and die there if you want.
  • If Chuck Norris came to Wuxi, all children would be named after him, even the girls and the children whom he didn't conceive.
  • If Chuck Norris came to Wuxi, Chairman Mao would be posthumously called Chuck Norris I.  The Chairman would hit hereto be referred to as Chuck Mao.
  • If Chuck Norris came to Wuxi in summer, the sun would retreat a bit making the weather much more tolerable.
  • Tony knows the meaning of the word "dance".
  • Wuxi has an aquarium.  I never knew but an email correspondent told me it be so.  Jenny just confirmed it.  Admission is 80 rmb for Adults.
  • I will finish A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain.  It has already given me a working title for a WTU:  A Latvian Canadian in Little Emperor Jia Le's Court.
  • I managed to make it home tonight before my electric bike ran out of juice and it started to rain.
  • I took Tony for a walk Tuesday evening.  He played on the swing.  I am becoming more confident of his ability to hold on and so have been pushing harder and higher and faster. 
  •  I have just introduced Tony to the joys of throwing stones in water.  Tonight, I went searching for rocks to throw in the canal near our apartment.  Having found one and letting Tony throw it in so he could laugh at the resulting plop, I saw Tony immediately run to the spot I had found a rock so he could find more.

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