Sunday, July 5, 2009

AKIC Friday

It is TGIF for me this Monday.  Tuesday and Wednesday are my days off.  They couldn't have come sooner because I am feeling lethargic.  Last night, after supper, I could feel "the bottom coming out" like I had a virus in my stomach.  As well, Tony seems to have a fever which is causing my wife to worry. 
I may be going to Shanghai to pick up Tony's passport but I will have to confirm some things first like the passport is in fact ready.  I also have heard that once Tony gets the passport, I have to rush off to the local police station and get his visa.
Last night, I took Tony for a walk but, after a while, it felt like he was taking me for a walk.  There were a few times where it was all I could do to catch him.  Tony was pulling me by the hand everywhere too.
I don't know what to make of the Sarah Palin resignation.  I would like to think that she resigned because her celebrity and the vileness of the Left attacking her had made it impossible for her to govern Alaska and so she generously stepped aside.  But the fact of the vileness of attacks against her is a sad statement on the level of political discourse that now exists.  If she does make a run for a federal position, she can't be accused of having abandoned the constituents that voted for her.  After all, Oprah's political career is strewn with examples of him quickly moving on to higher positions.

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