Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friday (AKIC Tuesday) randoms.

  • It is not yet 800 a.m., and already it is sunny and bright outside - so much so that I rather stay in my air-conditioned bedroom.
  • As the Solar Eclipse approaches, the students are showing more and more interest.  Some have asked me to spell the word "solar eclipse" for them.  The students have told me that the special glasses you need to watch the eclipse can be purchased in eye glass shops.  If the weather is like today, the solar eclipse will be something to watch.
  • There is an aquarium in Wuxi at Lihu Park.  The students, that have gone to it, gave it a bad review.  "80 rmb and you can see all you can see in five minutes!"
  • I will eventually upload my Qingming Canal Cruise photos.  Right now, I will bask in the glory of having uploaded the Studio photos.
  • I give the Canal Cruise a passing grade.  For this family man with son, the cruise was a wonderful way to keep Tony in one place.  The boat being air-conditioned and enclosed made the cruise worth it in my eyes.  It was nice to sit and vegetate in comfort on a Wuxi canal.  Granted, I didn't see any spectacular. I did see Wuxi from a whole new perspective.  The boat didn't serve beer which may be important to some.  And of course, there are probably hundreds of these cruises all over China that would be better.  I liked it but I can see others not.  It depends if you are a J.F. or not if you will like it.
  • To take my bike to school.  That is the question.
  • I had a frantic arrival home last night.  I couldn't get into the apartment.  If the front door is locked from the inside, I can't open the door from the outside.  Or I should say if you turn a bolt inside, a key can't open it from the outside (though you can use a key to close the door from the inside allowing you to be able to open the door from the outside).  When I arrived home, I could see that the door was locked.  I knocked having to wait for Jenny to open the door from the inside.  But instead Tony came to the door.  He turned the door handle trying to open the door but couldn't or wouldn't turn the bolt.  I waited for Jenny to come but she didn't.  And then she still didn't come.  And I began to panic.  I had images of her lying unconscious on the floor.  I started knocking on the door frantically.  I could then hear her voice and I thought she said something about blood but wasn't sure.  I pleaded for her to open the door until Tony finally turned the bolt and I could come in.  Tony had locked her out on the balcony.  With the A/C on, we have to close the balcony door.  My wife had gone out on the balcony to get something, when Tony, as he is wont to do, decided to play with the balcony door lock...  The little bugger.  After that episode, I went straight to bed, relieved.

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