Monday, July 13, 2009

Henderson Scores for Canada! AKIC Friday!

  • Henderson scores for Canada!
  • Here is the miracle of all miracles!
  • Both the above links depict events that happened in 1972.
  • Tony loves to dance.
  • Tony was on a boat near Nanchang Temple Market.  My wife wants to take this boat which goes on a one hour cruise around the downtown.  Maybe, Wednesday.
  • It is Friday night in AKICistan!
  • This Wuxi Expat site seems to be falling in the trap that the other Wuxi Expat site has fallen into.  It is going to be perceived as a Expat site for only certain cliquey portions of the Wuxi Expat community.  Especially if it starts talking about terrorist groups in Ronnie's.
  • Search for the Trojan War Part 1  This documentary series is almost as good as Sir Kenneth Clark's Civilisation.  And that is high praise coming form me.  If you are into more historical and literal tv dramas, you can watch The Fall of Eagles or I Claudius.
  • Tomorrow afternoon.  Areva!
  • The results of the photo shoot, which unfortunately resulted in me losing my keys, are ready for pick up.  You may seem them in this blog or the other or both.
  • I have finished reading the Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.  It is a book I will reread and reread again like Kenneth Clark's Civilisation companion volume, With Charity towards None:  A Fond look at Misanthropy by Florence King, the Holy Bible, and anything by Evelyn Waugh.  Taleb has written the ultimate bullshit detector.
  • The fading of Iran from the news seems to be a welcome relief for Obama.  He hopes many will escape the realization that:   The notion that appeasement is the only path to peace has always had great power over the minds of people who lack moral character. Like Neville Chamberlain and all the less famous freely-elected disasters of history, they think they are being very clever, and that they are morally superior to the Churchillian and Reaganite "peace through strength" types.

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