Friday, July 3, 2009

The Little Bugger was up at five a.m.!

Tony annoyed his parents this morning by deciding to get up and make demands of his parents at an ungodly hour.  Now, my recollection of the events of this morning will seem a little confused and disjointed because I dozed off a few times.  But I definitely recall Tony getting up at five a.m. and going to the living room.  He may well have pulled me by the hand, at the time, to get me out of bed.  It may also have been later, but drag me out of bed he did.  He took me to the kitchen to make formula.  At about six a.m., he turned on the TV and DVD player.  He demanded that I change the DVD for him.  In the bathroom, he watched as I shaved and washed my face.  He then got on a stool so he could reach the tap of the basin.  He turned on the basin and soaked his hands.  It is nice that he likes to wash his hands.  However, he likes to let the water run a long time.  Telling him to desist results in him having a tantrum - not something I have the patience to deal with when woken early.  He also insisted that I get him something from the fridge and from a kitchen cupboard.  Not having any idea what he wanted, he really earned my goat by refusing rather forcefully with his hand what I thought he wanted.
The little bugger!  Hopefully, he goes to bed early tonight as compensation.
Early to bed; early to rise.  Hopefully, Tony will end up wealthy and wise with these habits.

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