Saturday, July 11, 2009

I am Chicken Boy!

I was doing a conversation class about food, and was trying to be jocular and affable with the young male students, of whom we have many in the Summer.  Trying to achieve jocularity and affability, I suddenly got it into my head to call the students "_____ boy.".  "So you like pork eh?  Okay.  You must be pork boy! 
 I had already called some of the kids: banana boy, apple boy, McDonald's boy, ice cream boy, egg boy, egg man,  broccoli boy, cauliflower boy, and yogurt boy when I got around to talking about meat.  "What meat do you like?" I asked one of the male middle-school students.  He replied "Oh!  I am chicken boy!" getting laughs from his buddies, the rest of the class, and me.

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Matthew said...

That's a dirty little kid. He should know better than to run around with the "chickens" in China.