Thursday, January 20, 2011

Young Idler; Old Beggar. Snow! Snow! Snow!

  • I saw these words, in this blog entry's title, posted on an electronic sign that can be seen at the entrance to a primary school.
  • Because of the snow, my forty-five minute bus ride to work took seventy-five minutes.  Yet, I wasn't late for work.  I have encountered many an ESL teacher who would have used it as a pretext for not showing up to work.
  • On the ride in, I saw only two accidents.  The first one, I saw a motorcycle, with two passengers, just after it slipped on the pavement.  The second accident, I saw first the aftermath of a fender-bender where as I rode past, I saw a car, another car, and finally an electric bike on its side.
  • My ten o'clock class was a no-show.  I wonder if perhaps the ceremony I am supposed to attend this afternoon will be cancelled. The snow has made it impossible to catch a taxi. (It wasn't)
  • Many people are walking on the roads because they are not snow or slush covered.
  • Others have witnessed drivers blaring their horns at old people who are struggling to cross the road.  I would like to slap those horn-blowers with the back of my hand.
  • I saw a man on a bicycle going against the flow of traffic.  It seemed foolhardy to me but the man had a dry path and no one was honking a horn at him.
  • This snow is not as bad as 2008, yet.
  • What is Tony doing today?  
  • What is Tony wearing?
  • So much for asking students for their reactions to Hu's visit to America.

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