Monday, January 17, 2011

"AKIC Sunday" Bloggings.

  • Great Tonys #5.
  • Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, I have learned of the passing of a local Brandon, Manitoba celebrity Ron Thompson.  Anyone who spent any time in Brandon, Manitoba in the 1970s and 1980s, will remember him appearing on local CKX broadcasts.  Being the local celebrity in a small town can make one a source of small-minded ridicule, and yet he had a good gig that most people would die for.  For me, he stands out in my memory of a time where I was downright foolish (whether that has changed over the last thirty year -- the amount of my foolishness -- is questionable).  He represents a time I wish I could go back to, just so I could kick my younger self in the ass.  He represents the virtue of small town urban living that people in China now so much desire to have.  I heard that Mr. Thompson's fight against cancer was courageous.  R.I.P.
  • Tony won't go to school on Tuesday.
  • The teams and matchups in the NFL Championship have a pleasing, to me anyway, aesthetics about them.  The Packers and Bears matchup is a classic as two long-time NFL franchises battle it out in a championship game.  It is the team of Lombardi against the the team of George Halas and Bronko Nagurski.  The Jets and Steelers matchup pits the classic black-and-gold colours of Pittsburgh made famous by such greats as Joe Greene and Terry Bradshaw against the Green Footballed Gun Slinging designs of the New Jets made famous by Joe Namath, the classic name of American quarterbacking.
  • What would the Chinese make of a Super Bowl featuring say the Jets and Packers.  They would see a lot of people wearing green hats.  In China, a green hat represents cuckoldry.
  • Dora!
  • I haven't been doing the Wuxi Experience so far on my days off.  The cold weather and my sore back are keeping indoors.  I will only go out because I have to.
  • I kicked myself for not having been able to make a video of the middle school student performing a wonderful rendering of MLK's "I have a dream" speech.  Whether or not, China and America are enemies, there is an admiration among the Chinese for George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, and MLK. I'm sure that they would give a right nut to have the American Constitution 。

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